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FAQ ( Customers )


What is Make Payment? is India's instant online fees payment solutions to end users. Conceived to deliver a simplified online fees payment. It has secured direct relationships with service providers and has singularly focused on investing in developing a strong technical backbone to make the online fee payment experience reliable, secure, intuitive and seamless for the end user. This solutions have been developed and scrubbed to ensure 24x7 availability to the end user so that the user can transact securely from any location at his convenience.

Is it safe to pay online?

Yes, it is secure and safe. All connections to Make Payment Portal is SSL secured and all users data is kept with strong encryption. So, user’s transactional & personal details will always be safe & secure. As a best practice we are constantly getting ourselves tested and verified through security audits and we keep the portal up to date with latest security patches.

I'm an individual, but I'd like to use Make Payment to accept payment. Can I sign up?

Unfortunately, for now only registered Institutions can use Make Payment to accept online payments.

What kinds of cards and payment methods are accepted in Make Payment ?

We currently accept all debit, credit cards, net-banking, UPI and wallets etc.

What are the services provided by Make Payment?

  • To collect Institution fee payment

Who is eligible for Make Payment services?

Any individuals associated as customer to our registered merchants can use Make Payment services.

What are the fees associated with each Make Payment service?

Make payment charges flat 2% + GST as transaction charge for each transaction.

How to edit my Basic Info on Make Payment?

Currently changes to you basic details can only be done by the merchant (end service provider) who will be adding you to the portal.

How to disable or delete my Make Payment customer profile?

You cannot disable or delete your account unless you make profile deactivation request through you merchant to Make Payment.


How to make fees and bill payment?

To make fees and bill payments login to your profile on Make Payment portal and select payment type and proceed to pay online. After successful transaction you will get payment receipt for reference.

How to check transaction history?

Click on ‘Payment History’ located at the bottom of customer profile. List of all your transactions and receipts are stored there.

Can I cancel any transaction requests made?

No, you cannot cancel transactions or requests while transactions are processing or already processed.

What should I do if there is any error or internet disruption in the middle of the bill payment process?
What should I do to initiate refund for double or more payments due to any error or internet disruption?
What should I do if I cannot complete the payment process?
What shall I do if I do not get any Payment Success Notification after transaction?

In this scenario, check your account balance, if money is not debited then you can re-start the process. If money is debited from your account then kindly wait for 24hours before retrying trying again. Also you can click on ‘Payment History’ located at the bottom of customer profile. List of all your transactions and receipts are stored there. Sometimes it might take upto 48Hours for the paid amount to be reflected on your profile if payments get pending at bank side or auto refund will be initiated. You can contact for advisors at (+91)-7005-999-675 or email at for further assistance.

How to resolve disputes and security concern with Make Payment?

In case of any disputes and security concern, please inform Make Payment immediately. Make Payment advisors will address your concern immediately (subject to verification of identity). You can call us at (+91)-7005-999-675 or email at

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